Our Mission

"Born in the veil of darkness, we embody it. Pay homage to the ones who precede us. Respect them. At Noir Skye, we seek wisdom from the shadows. We turn to our trailblazers, the champions of our enduring struggle for freedom. It's because they handed us the torch, we carry on the fight. The battle continues....."



  • I'm always rocking my Noir Skye shirt no matter where I go. Never come across a brand as bold as this one, seriously.

    -Solomon H. Brooklyn NY

  • When I'm decked out in my Noir Skye Gear, your words have no power over me. I let my shirt do the talking, shattering the status quo without uttering a single word.

    - That Ethiopian Chick

  • Learn history through a shirt! If that bothers you, then it's not for you!

    -David M. Jamaica Queens